As expected outside the same
Posted On 11/14/2017 20:52:15 by xingwang
Previously Real Madrid and Juventus have had similar cooperation, when the Galacticos will Morata sent Juventus, and then spent 30 million euros repurchase, this summer, Real Madrid Spain center sold 80 million euros high. Of course, in Milan and Juventus are interested in the context of Cheap FIFA 18 Coins Ceballos, Real Madrid can consider a more reasonable solution. As expected outside the same, Inter Milan this season although against Rome, AC Milan, Naples, Sampdoria and other European groups, relying on Ikardy's firepower fully achieved good results. However, Icardi encountered a great deal of difficulty against the underdogs like Verona. Fortunately, at a dangerous moment, Inter another brother of the thigh, the strength of all-inclusive Perissic, again diligent rescue. Face Verona, who finished second in the standings before the game, Inter did not play the cumbersome football. On the contrary, hit 60 minutes later, the score is 1-1 draw. If you can not get this battle will be how Inter? Then Inter will be only 27 points, the first four positions may not be able to live! Because of Naples, 31 points, 28 points, Juventus and Lazio, Rome, Inter less than a game of 10 rounds and 24 points, then the blue-black military situation is too dangerous. You know, this season's top five points against the top 15 of the 44 war, the top five is 41 wins 3 level, Inter not get the war, it can be said that the strategic losses.