Boss jokingly I hope Aubameyang left the team
Posted On 12/06/2017 21:15:52 by lolgavip

Local time Wednesday night, Dortmund will Cheap FIFA 18 Coins usher in a Champions League match with Real Madrid, coach Dortmund before the game attended the press conference.

Conference Bosch said: "I will go all out to win the game, and scored three points and we have to try to kick a wonderful game, which is very important to our confidence." At the same time, Bosch said the special For the European Cup is the task. "A club like Dortmund is at least a part of the European Cup and we have to prove that tomorrow."

In addition, Bosch was asked about the situation in Ao Bomeyang, the boss joked: "Aoba Meyang too bad, not enough to join Real Madrid." But then Bosce said seriously: "I believe he There is strength to play in Real Madrid, but I hope he can stay long.