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POSTED BY: qizhenwang123 on 11/14/2017 19:30:54

This depends on the floor of the substrate density and internal bonding strength, the higher the bonding strength, indicating that the ability of the floor to withstand temperature changes, the better, such as cracking does not happen. Floors for hydrothermal surface radiant floor heating requirements in the small size changes, the smaller the general expansion rate, the better the moisture resistance of the floor.

General high thermal conductivity of products in the thermal performance better, not afraid of high temperatures. Because the floor to withstand high temperature heating for a long time, which requires stable performance of decorative products, under conditions of prolonged heat will not appear faded, rough light phenomenon.

In general, the smaller the thickness of the wood floor, the greater the heat flow. The influence of floor thickness on the conduction of heat is not great, but when the temperature rises, the release rate of formaldehyde on the floor is accelerated, and the wood floor with low formaldehyde emission should be selected as far as possible.

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