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POSTED BY: qizhenwang123 on 11/14/2017 20:33:34

undertakes supervisory selectiving examination, the result shows, selective examination in all product 40 batch, unqualified 4 batch. composite wood dallas Involved unqualified item has wear-resisting of static music intensity, exterior agglutination intensity, surface, formaldehyde to release a quantity. Among them, nominal manufacturing company is " industry of

timber of Shanghai country a small room limited company " , norms model is " 712/813 136 " , manufacturing date / lot number is " did not tag wood deck swimming pool material technical / on March 26, 2017 " the 4 batch of 4 enterprises such as floor of woodiness of macerate paper lamination. On August 21, net of official of bureau of Wholesale Decking Materials For Outdoor Changzhou city qualitative inspect releases

the product quality that to this city 50 floors produce a business to undertake supervisory the outcome that selective examination, Decking Wood For Sale the result shows, selective examination in all 50 batch product, 4 batch are unqualified. The main problem of existence is exterior wear-resisting and formaldehyde release a quantity the project is