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POSTED BY: qizhenwang123 on 11/14/2017 21:00:00

consumers differentiate the quality of laminate flooring and how they can be used and maintained. It is understood that the 'Quality White Paper' in a clear strengthening of the floor of the quality standards, the quality of the hard pavement requirements, and elaborated on the purchase of laminate flooring common sense. Related to the specific

content include: quality overview, quality control of production processes, strengthening the quality standards of flooring products, pavement quality, purchase of common sense, quality and complaints, quality of service, business and consumer linkage to promote quality improvement, the state to promote the quality of the industry

Progressive major policies and regulations, consumer rights laws and regulations. Sun Construction believes that from the 'white paper' service features, the three aspects that should be highlighted should deserve the attention of consumers. First, the production and pavement in the process of quality standards and quality control

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