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Wood plastic wall panels
Posted On 01/06/2016 23:26:37
Wood Plastic Exterior Wall Panel,High-Performance Wood Plastic Exterior Wall Panel ① WPC processing stronger - because of containing fibers and plastic polymer materials, in addition to sawing, nailing, planing, nail holding power is superior to other synthetic materials, usually three times of wood, is particleboard 5 times. ② WPC mechanical stronger - Mixed fibers and plastics, so wood and hardwood having considerable compressive, flexural and other physical and mechanical properties, durability than the general timber, surface hardness stronger. ③ WPC long life - moisture, water, acid, corrosion, will not be moth-eaten, so the service life under various conditions are far more than the general timber. ④ good adjustability of wood - by adjusting the production process, you can change the strength and density of wood products, in order to achieve anti-aging, anti-static special requirements, fire-retardant. ⑤ The recycling of wood - waste of plastic sheet can be easily recovered decomposition cycle of reproduction, and the production, use and recycling process is completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free. http://www.shanghaiwpc.com/wpc-products/wood-plastic-exterior-panel.html